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Embrace your feminine

New Leaf Bracelet


A bracelet full of symbolism and meaning.

The symbolism of trees and leaves are apparent in common metaphors such as the tree of life, family trees, how we put down roots when we create lasting relationships, and in phrase turning a new leaf when we experience significant change for the better.

Fluorite is an amazing stone for clarity and decision making.

Please note fluorite is natural beads and come in a variety of tones ranging from clear to pale and darker greens and even purples, some even blend all tones. So bead received may not be as indicated in the picture. Please make contact with us if you would like us to check for a specific colouring or tone.


Please Note:

  • Courier cost is dependent on location
  • Banking details will be sent after order is place
  • As products are handmade, they might differ slightly from images